The Masters Apprentice – Choice Cuts

A fog settled on Bath last night and I had to make the intrepid walk home alone at midnight. It’s strange what childhood stories affect you. An old nightmare of mine is there are people standing in the distance, hidden in the mist. They’re not following me, they’re already ahead of me, waiting. And it’s strange how convincing one’s mind can be.

A friend recounted to me recently of a dream where he was kicking a ball in the air and felt complete weightlessness. Float and kick, he said, float and kick. It’s amazing this conviction we have of our feelings in our dreams too, not just sensational, but emotional as well. I find our sensory palette is a lot sharper in dreams, it doesn’t have the noise of the concious mind  to hamper with too much query. We just want to float!

Many in their lifetimes will have at some point or another experienced lucid dreaming. To wake up mid-dream, and direct what happens next. Only limited by your imagination and life experiences submitted to your subconcsious as clay for dream manufaction, it’s like making glass sculptures out of the sand underneath your feet and in your ears. The wildly abstract and creative out of this supermundane of reality. Imagine if we could harness these lucid powers, induce ourselves at will… we are in agony when we leave these dreams, one more minute! If only.

Buddhism’s meditation techniques transport us from reality, true, but with such strigent self-examination we peel away selfhood to nothingness and forsakes the idea of us as creators. Nothingness imitates death. Born nameless, classless, colourless, moneyless, it’s the labels we’ve invented that we become. Maybe seeking understanding of our circumstances is justifiable. In Lucidity none of this matters, observing an environment we’ve created for ourselves requires no labels as we will innately already know what it is, for we put it there. There is an Internet of Things existant in our heads, and it is more satisfying than any artificial reality we can create with our hands.

This is the terrific Australian band The Masters Apprentices’s third LP Choice Cuts, dropped in 1971 after arriving in the UK, these ten tracks have an embarrassment of great riffs and is recommended to any purveyor of rock.

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