Material – Temporary Music

I’m reading Raymond Carver’s short story collection Elephant at the moment and he makes reality taste delicious. His is a great mimic of real life absurdity. But why do we like things that mimic real life, the reality we turned from? It’s the mix of how elegant the subtlety of the exaggeration used, for there is always a license present in storytelling, and how convincing its verisimilitude detail bares weight at reflecting the coincidental and surprising elements of everyday life. We like how real it seems and yet revel in its unreality. And there’s that narratorial pulling force that yanks or beguiles the reader through the story’s unfold which is so thrilling. People spend years floating adrift in their lives, facing head on the forgettable rinse of life. Having stories that capture what happens around us: stories that make the banal, menial, and everyday, into the unforgettable, to have the potential to turn into anything. What we as humans enjoy most is surprise. A universe unlike our own holds mystery and new laws. Anything is meant to be allowed to happen. In a universe like ours, known rules take effect, beliefs grasp hold, subversion transforms a known object or phenomena and we are left dazed in our waking dream of a reality we are wholly familiar with, and yet totally different.

This is the Temporary Music LP by the Bill Laswell project Material. Sooner or later I’ll start talking about the music but at the moment I have too many other things on my mind. 

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