The Odious – Joint Ventures

Now here’s a skill music consumers finetune very quickly. It’s judging a book by its cover. You can just look at the record art and know what that music is like and that it’s not for you; uh uh, no way, look how generic that cover is, man, I’ve seen dozens of other records with the same cover man, and guess what they all sound the same!  Even though we’re in a time when cover art has been reduced to a couple inches in diameter, in the corner of your laptop, or in bumper sticker quality on the nowplaying screen of Spotify or whatever music player, the point is, if the art isn’t well-thought out, if it doesn’t stand out, if it fails to express the originality and quality of their recording, do you think the music will speak for itself? But maybe they’re not a visual band, maybe the ideas were pumped all into the music… and who cares, who can see it anyway? I was talking with a friend of mine the other day, serious music head, dropping band names like Pixies, Abbey Road, and we were swapping band names, exchanging quizzical looks, that sort of thing. Had I heard that name before? No idea, man. Then, in my mind’s eye an image appeared but I could not name it, but had to tell it! The riffs I knew, how long each song was, the guitar tone, the technicality, the singing! But not a name, only a red image, with arms, and eyes with trees. Blue babies. Wolf faces. Scarlet eyes.

This is The Odious’s debut LP Joint Ventures, dropped in 2012. Highly technical metal, probably one of the best of this decade to come. And it’s for free.

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