DJ Mehdi – Lucky Boy

One day in the future our technological capabilities will allow us to escape our consciousness. We could slumber in the ‘real’ world and live in simulations until we die. Once this plague of people wipes out the other species of this Earth concluding the ongoing mass extinctions we are continuing to inflict, I think many may experiment with living as their favourite animals. Our artificial intelligence is growing at a bacterial rate and will eventually exceed the human brain’s powers after we entertwine the internet with it, so we can do what..? Eventually, we will have designer babies, completing our aberration from nature into something distastefully unnatural. So why not say no to this life and jump into a simulation of your choosing?  I think we’d find the habits, routines and freedom of wild animals liberating. No money! Living off your own abilities. Part of a herd. Reproduce. Purpose. You wouldn’t even have to be wild, I suppose. Being a pet would be heaven (or hell, depends on your karma on the type of owner you get). Of course, there is the boredom we face that every conscious being feels which makes developing habits inevitable as we pass the time, so swapping chores is only fun for so long. The true awakening will be when we realise the artificial isn’t good enough, and yet we’ve whiped out the real thing. Future generations will know a world of pixels and nothing else. Shame.

This is a great house record, DJ Mehdi’s only LP Lucky Boy, released in 2011. Sad to report the main man died under a roof collapse of a hotel, not such a lucky boy it seems.

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