Parliament – Osmium

Funk is summertime music, like you know the first waves of Spring are underway is when that initial trickle of sunny days appear, spells on greens dance with clouds for shadows leaving crazed hippies in daze, torn asunder as Bob, oh Bob Marley floats overhead on the breeze and sun in hand singing Kaya or Stir It Up or something something else of his. But when Funk’s about, and that dirty, booty, bass kicks in, and them wild shirts of colour punctuate the beach promenade skyline and palm trees hang ever lower with vibey grooves dripping into drinks of rum and joints with no tobacco, and sunbeams pour out of the sky and out of our faces, that’s when Funk’s about, it’s summertime man, you know?

This is Parliament’s debut LP Osmium, dropped way back when… 1970. Keep it alive. Taking care of business.

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