Yosi Horikawa – Vapor

Editor’s Note: This video is taken from The Boiler Room channel.

So I watched the critically acclaimed silent film The Artist on Sunday, it’s noteworthy because of its release date: 2011. People went nuts over this film as if it opened their eyes to new ways of filmmaking with a patented groundbreaking back to the futureness. Really though, the movement of antiquated 3D making a comeback in 2008 was too delicious, in hand with the internet’s ability for resuscitating old visual entertainments abused extensively in fashion… retro-style anyone? It’s shabby chic, yeah?.. The Weinstein brothers easily came to the conclusion: ‘what other dead mediums can we revive for our hungry little necrophiliacs?’.

The story goes a famous silent actor is enjoying his ascent to stardom and accidentally triggers an aspiring young actress’ rise to fame. They’re enticed on a shoot, seemingly never forgetting those moments, haunting the elder actor as the actress lands bigger roles in the inaugral Talkies, a trend he never takes seriously, demonstrated as he bankrolls a self-produced silent film that simply delivers him into obscurity. The audiences wanted to feel like they were in the room; to ingratiate themselves in melifluous fields of sonics… what was golden was over. From there it all spirals from thereon in as you can imagine with celebrity melodramatics.

I see its intended irony as a Lanterne Rouge.  It behaves like a celebration of silent film while conveying its obsolescence. How droll for the masses, but it’s just as embarrassing as Pharrel’s hat. Nice try. We love bringing old forgotten things out from the cupboard to laugh at how we used to survive. But it trivialises it, misses the point. Fashion changes the message into a disposable one. Where archived silent film was authentic as filmmaking craft that defined an age, here in The Artist it’s surfed a wave of peripheral consciousness and splayed its private parts for a cheap look.

The above live set has no relation to my ranting. Vapor, Yosi’s 2013 debut outing,  showcases an extensive array of immersive, interesting samples. Deeply hypnotic, perfect for summertimes on the beach. Recommended for headphone use, oh yes.

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