Manu Chao – Clandestino

Here’s a fun game for you smokers out there!

Challenge: Give someone else your last toke, with a bum lighter! Ha! That’ll get’em.

Give a friend the last toke of your joint and a lighter with little to no lighter fluid in it. The challenge is getting the lighter to work. Then, carefully bringing it close to your face without the flame dying.

An opaque lighter is better at enticing patience, and at snapping point positive reassurance is the key to a prolonged engagement in their struggle.

“It works man, keep trying!”

Don’t use anything seethrough, visual evidence is damning. Anyway, this alone is easy enough.

So, add, say, more factors like being outside, in the wind, maybe have them sitting down (I find sitting harder than standing, I don’t know why), have a time limit. Really the idea is to watch them struggle under the conditions, so you can make it as difficult as you want. Hell, try getting really, really cold, shivering, with teeth chattering, lips quivering, then attempt that pissing lighter to work, ha!

These circumstantial, perhaps requisite, factors are difficult to replicate, which is why this game has flexible rules:

Number one: In every game you have to let the contestant know that they are in a game by saying something along the lines of: “If you can light it.” In fact, aslong as you say ‘if’ to them I’d say you’re pretty much golden. So the rules are open to interpretation.

Number two: This game can happen anywhere, anytime. You have my blessing. Anytime is time for a good time.

And that’s it!

If you can think of a good name, I’m all ears.

This is Manu Chao’s debut LP from 1998, titled Clandestino. It’s his breakaway record from the band he formed called Manu Negra, who are also pretty worthwhile. Perfect summer music.

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