Todd Terje – It’s Album Time!

Contemplation is nirvana, but no one has the attention span to sit still and attain it. Not everyone is after eternal bliss.

The internet has evaporated the quiet moments to ourselves where we think over what we’ve just said; where we think about what’s happening at the time; where we think about the other person what they may want. Where we think what’s important to me right now. It’s in these brief moments between different actions, tending to habits, traveling, it’s in these moments eureka occurs. We can gain insight by ourselves.

As the universe crashes in on itself, as all these different seemingly random acts collide into eachother and life just happens as we all determine,  in our environment built, education crafted, and parented reinforced, life, ideology, motivation, we do what we do because we want to do it, right?

And we can use those tools the universe has gifted upon us generously, for we who can read this have won the birth lottery. We are rich. Because of our ancestors success in achieving human progress, our lands being resource rich and profitable, we have the world in our favour simply by being where we are. It’s a birth lottery. What stopped your consciousness from manifesting itself inside a baby born in an Angolan desert?

The lives we lead are purely chance, right down to our consciousness. How do we know we could not manifest as a cabbage in a field? Or as a tree in the forest? These are living consciousnesses too. In this way I look at the animals we slaughter for our food. The way we breed them, genetically play with their DNA, eat them, tame them and keep them as pets.

These were once wild creatures we have enslaved to our hands. They are now dependent on us as a species, for our own benefit. Which makes them disposible too. Of course.

Can you see your eyes in your pet dogs? Aren’t pets meant to look like their owners?

Do you think cows look sad when they’re queuing up to be slaughtered? Hearing the other cows scream as they wait. Terrified. Then pushing the button and standing back. Oh yes, the smell too. Oh the smell would be horrific, wouldn’t it?

We need these brief moments to give us time to expand on what we critically think about. It is when the mind is at it’s most malleable. You’re fast and loose. In transition where anything goes, because you’re not thinking about anything! So it’s all alright. I don’t need so much stuff. You should be thinking!

It’s not natural for us to consume our mind with so much weight-baring information. So much visual. We are going to be a blind species in the future. Big business has exploited our habit forming tendencies. We don’t need to break the old ones, just form new ones. The positive will engulf the negative rather than fight it off. There is no peace to be found in war.

To be healthy you don’t need a trendy diet. You eat everything you need not everything you want. Easy. Small moments of contemplation can benefit everyone. It helps us reevaluate our lives. How is it going. What am I doing. What’s important to me. Who’s important to me. Where are we going. What should I do to improve the things and those around me. Should I care.

The above tune from Todd Terje’s first record It’s Album time! is just a slice of this exotic pie. Lots of funk, swing, feels light, airy, it’s destined to revitalise the groans of the current flatulent scene.

In my mind, this is the record deadmau5 wishes he made, and will sit dwelling inside his stuffy giant mau5head sweating in his panic of irrelevance as he gazes at his aimless latest which does not take a While (92347<934729) as we have to drool through its 2 hour waste.

Hey DEAD! Who cares about legacy when the future is now?? Write another hit! Or admit you can’t.

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