Big Black – Ethnic Fusion

Big Black - Ethnic Fusion

Is the internet now just one big human experiment?

The fact that this is news to people is ridiculous. The Internet, and the time you spend on the internet is BIG BUSINESS. Of course they’re going to try and manipulate their audiences, just like how newspapers have an agenda, they’ll write a story in a certain way that appeals to a certain audience, pushing their agenda in the same breath. Manipulation is everything. They’re trendmakers, if they can coerce you into something, guess what!

Look at the banking sector, one of the richest industries. Consider how fruitloop half of their decision-making is, how reckless it is of every day people’s lives and finances. Do people really think companies the size as such as these actually care about social responsibility? Or do they care about their shareholders, and how to make them more money?

If a business can manipulate its consumers into spending more time, attention, and money with them, they will go above and beyond to be as advantageous versus their rivals as possible. Look at governments spying on other governments during peacetime, they are after eachother’s secrets because they want to gain an advantage on them!

And this is business! And this is the internet! And this is the media! They know you can’t go anywhere else, you won’t leave Facebook if they control what you’re doing. Governments want controlable populations to keep the elite in their place at the top.

This isn’t new, it’s been happening for centuries!

The only business I would trust is one privately owned, and not run by a board of shareholders. A benevolent dictatorship is the most stable, beneficial for all governance, yet guess what? It’s impossible because by our very human nature we are greedy and full of desire in which we grab for more. No one is honest, our minds are instinctively built to deceive so this is equivalent to shouting in a bin.

Void of any kind of commercial value, indeed there are no videos on Youtube, I present Big Black’s Ethnic Fusion at the top of this post. This record is heavenly, I can see the night sky when I close my eyes, I feel bonfires on my skin, I hear dusky oaken voices of forests calling me home…

We should wander out into the outback, we should taste the river’s water and spy rare birds from afar and envy their flight, for they can go farther than we ever could. Climb higher people and listen to the echoes of the ancients in this music, I know I know, it’s only from 1983, but music this good lasts forever, forward and back in time….


Roland Kirk – Kirk Live in Copenhagen

I like vinyl as an experience of listening to music. I’ve not been convinced by the idea that it is warmer sounding per se, or that it sounds better due to less compression. Something other people can hear, I suppose.

What I take from the experience I’d best describe as holistic; the act of opening it up, wiping dust carefully off with a sleeve of whatever clothing nearby, painfully lowering the needle as the warped disc begins its initial rotations, watching it rise and fall undulating like the ocean from beach level.

I end up paying more attention to the music. Streaming, or on CD, a few songs can whirr or buffer by, easily I don’t notice the transition from one song to the next. I can see there’s loads of songs, who cares! Yet, on vinyl I have to watch that shit incase I don’t want to fuck it up y’know. It’s delicate.

So it has my attention more, I learn the songs faster, I start preferring sides, the track order builds appreciation: the first one, the middle couple, that side with one long song I can meditate to for 22 minutes. The flow of the record reveals itself with evermore clarity. This is a curated experience by an artist you like. Dig in to it.

With vinyl I believe the musician’s decision-making from top to bottom, from packaging, colours, weight, production becomes more apparent, and in this medium you place yourself in the best position to appreciate it.

In this post we have Roland Kirk playing Kirk in Copenhagen dating back to 1964 and it is top drawer jazz. A multi-instrumentalist who could play several instruments at once, oh yes. He makes you and I look pretty weak.

The Egyptian Lover – One Track Mind

We need to update our take on death, it’s been informed by Christian morals for far too long, and in hand with social media where we feel obligated to comment on a famous human’s passing as willfully as we would post a picture of last night’s dinner it’s becoming romanticised and habitualised.

Death is not sad, and we are selfish to think it so. We are sad for ourselves because we are left behind lamenting with eachother that we haven’t made that leap.

Of course, Williams chose suicide. Seemingly unnatural to some. It fights millions of years of evolutionary struggling and fighting for survival. Compare attempted suicide numbers to actual suicide stats. It’s fucking hard to kill oneself, to the point that it’s seen as a plea for help.

But when the world is as inhospitable and noisy as it is, who’s surprised? People kill themselves all the time. They bear pressures. They have overwhelming responsibilities. People want their lives to be easy. Rule number one for the masses. Crutches fall over eventually.

In the East their valuations of death is at odds to the Christian West. We see it as the end. They promote its naturalness. Without death there can be no life.

Buddhists believe in impermanence. The lives we live in this universe we can detect with our sensory organs is in perpetual changing state and nothing is the same. In death things calm, they become like it is before the time we were in the womb. Who can say that that time was worse?

I can’t wait to die, because then I know I’ve lived. Some say it’s selfish to commit suicide, but we also say we only live one life and we should live how we want to, but there’s no right should, there’s only what we will ourselves to do.

Schopenhauer said he remained alive pounding the English countryside for the rest of days because he was the one who had to say that we should all kill ourselves because life is vain. It’s full of boredom as our evolution has driven us to unsustainability of the planet we are killing, and our purpose is nonexistant other than to carry on. We do one thing, and then do another, inbetween we’re bored. We may gain wealth, we may gain friends, we may gain happiness, but in the end we die alone and enter the black as equal as everyone else.

Human progress is a lie as we can never change our nature to fight and deceive. We can only feed the conveniance culture and make things easier for ourselves. Until robots come along and wipe us all out in favour of protecting the planet because for all they know we are the only planet that is inhabited by life in this universe and they need to make sure it’s safe due to its unique status. There are loads of us yet they will recognise diversity of species is more important.

The accompanying music couldn’t really be more inappropriate for the subject matter but up top is the stellar 80s electronic rap of The Egyptian Lover and his 1986 release One Track Mind, his only chart hitting record, it’s a beauty. Listen to those effects midway with the fader and echoes, ha! Quality.