Roland Kirk – Kirk Live in Copenhagen

I like vinyl as an experience of listening to music. I’ve not been convinced by the idea that it is warmer sounding per se, or that it sounds better due to less compression. Something other people can hear, I suppose.

What I take from the experience I’d best describe as holistic; the act of opening it up, wiping dust carefully off with a sleeve of whatever clothing nearby, painfully lowering the needle as the warped disc begins its initial rotations, watching it rise and fall undulating like the ocean from beach level.

I end up paying more attention to the music. Streaming, or on CD, a few songs can whirr or buffer by, easily I don’t notice the transition from one song to the next. I can see there’s loads of songs, who cares! Yet, on vinyl I have to watch that shit incase I don’t want to fuck it up y’know. It’s delicate.

So it has my attention more, I learn the songs faster, I start preferring sides, the track order builds appreciation: the first one, the middle couple, that side with one long song I can meditate to for 22 minutes. The flow of the record reveals itself with evermore clarity. This is a curated experience by an artist you like. Dig in to it.

With vinyl I believe the musician’s decision-making from top to bottom, from packaging, colours, weight, production becomes more apparent, and in this medium you place yourself in the best position to appreciate it.

In this post we have Roland Kirk playing Kirk in Copenhagen dating back to 1964 and it is top drawer jazz. A multi-instrumentalist who could play several instruments at once, oh yes. He makes you and I look pretty weak.

2 thoughts on “Roland Kirk – Kirk Live in Copenhagen

  1. I have gone completely digital, everything is on a hard-drive and spotify gives me (almost) all the rest which is there. It simply suits my lifestyle best, I am travelling a lot, and is obviously convenient. My blog would probably not have been possible otherwise.

    But every now and then I walk by a record store which sells vinyl and I think: “this is the proper way of listening to music”. It are exactly the wholistic experience and the deliberate act of putting something on you describe very well.

    1. Thanks for the comment!

      I use Spotify most of the time, it has contributed hugely to expanding my listening as everything is there at your fingertips. It’s been great fun exploring Jazz but really I’ve only grazed the surface, though it’s nice to skim and dive in once in a while. After checking out your site I’ve already found Fela Kuti! So thanks for that, albeit indirectly.

      When it comes to vinyl I buy from what I’ve heard on Spotify and aim for older artists, from the 60s and 70s mostly. It’s a proper kick to go back in time with it all which is the other appeal for me.

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