The Field – From Here We Go Sublime

The Slang of Teenage Years

I admire the imagination of each successive teen generation. As the ages swoop linearly, teens are great recyclers of vocabulary. On mass appropriation brings about creative, and surprising new definitions, that reflects the zeitgeist psyche once again. What’s more, new lexis appears like a production line. Each generation has their own slang, their own in-speak. You adults wouldn’t understand our code. It’s banking outside, Miss, that is not a ting. It’s impressive witnessing the harmonising of individuals, as social groups form their own vocabulary. Considerable universe building at work. Making sense of it all. All through fashionable words that the young surf like the current wave, that insult older generations and their precious language. I recognise jealousy when I see it. There’s a prescient consumer culture fear of becoming uncool, a side effect of wrinkles. The undercurrent, the gradual carrying out to sea, is that people realise they’ve been dulled by the world. Creativity gets washed ashore while we paddle hard at work, at reality. The Teen’s flagrant ingenuity  rocks the oldster who’s craving new ideas of new escapes, new universes. Though they’re turbulent years, I think teenagers really do have something to be admired.

A little about the music. Above is The Field’s 2007 debut From Here We Go Sublime, a solid checkpoint for anyone interested in techno and trance. It’s kept me up for a good few nights I can tell you. This record, the best in The Field’s discography at divulging this kind of sensation, is like watching a complex water fountain dance before you. Leaping loops journey up the tiers, while columns sink and intertwine. There are effervescent lasers cloaking the sheets of water that tumble down in continuous splashes, dissipating on impact of the greenly hue of the lowest, rippling base. It projects a climbing in the midst of falling feeling akin to diving in to a pool: heart and stomach soar as the body clinches with gravity’s fall.

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