Plaid – Plaid



I’ve learnt something recently. Caring is sexy. Like, real sexy. This, to some of you, must be obvious. Talk long enough with someone you could find physically attractive and the moment they start talking passionately about something is the moment you want to fuck them. And it draws you in, when a person, wielding an informed opinion, begins pontificating, begins complaining, begins begging the virtues of a facet of an unknown far away field. They lure you into their field and manifest as your lusty guide. Telling you what they want you to know, you hearing what you want to hear, and mainly it’s down to their tone of voice. The seriousness. The raising in volume when they reach their declarative crescendo. And it’s the faces they pull too. A supercilious brow is the sexiest! Like a hook, I am lined and sunk… or whatever that metaphor is meant to be.


Plaid are woefully unrepresented on this here internet. After plenty of keywords searched I figured I’m just going to have to do it myself. I hope the introduction was ravishing enough. As I go up in belt holes and gain a few more listening years under said belt, I’ve become more attuned to a band’s ability at songwriting, and Plaid happily prevails. I’d liken them to a cross between Frightened Rabbit and Masters of Reality, a propensity for acoustics and verve, able to write a decent vocal line. Their 2011 debut Plaid appears to have gotten lost in the wash of releases. I will hold up their label Gravel Road, and say, get this record out there! Them indie/folk dudes need to hear this!

Have click on the image above to open Spotify.


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