Il Rovescio Della Medaglia – Contaminazione

How do we tell a block of wood is a block of wood?

We use our five senses.

If it looks like a block of wood, feels like one, sounds like one, smells like one and tastes like one, we conclude, it is a block of wood.

It has properties we have come to expect of an object like this. Hardness, a hollow sound, that earthy smell.

These are assumptions based on previous experience. If the wood did not match the criteria we carry in our minds, then we would deduce it to be something other.

If we had no senses, could the block of wood be knowable of itself?

Our senses have lended the object the properties we have detected. Looks LIKE a block of wood.

Our assumptions give existence to objects.

Without such lending, the object does not exist. It has an inherent emptiness reliant on our ability to observe it.

Properties are labelled phenomena, given names so we may refer to them. Without previous experience these labels are meaningless.

The world is built by objects of inherent emptiness, nonexistant without a label, a label meaningless without previous experience, a practice built on fallible assumptions based on unknowable traits.

Thus is the inherent emptiness of objects.

Realising emptiness is the initial step towards enlightenment, cheers!


This was written amid my first overnight typhoon. The thunder sound itself is electrifying, the laser show its lightening affects upon the eyelids was worth the plane admission alone. Once the drama of an earthquake gets involved we have a real natural opera on the go.

The above record is a buried classic of the 1970s scene in Italy. Like, really buried. A showstopper of magisterial proportions, the symphonic rock genre looks different this side of it. There is an English sung version of Contaminazione which is predictably the wrong choice.

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