Hood – ‘The Negatives’

Making your own decisions?

Ultimately, it’s perceived as a precondition of adulthood. Take control of life, learn your path and tread it consciously, be willing, be adaptable, do it your own way for God’s sake. You can heed The Golden Rule beyond your own personal pale, and yet inflicting a decision upon others you would not want to hear yourself is a paradox.

In my such case, I’m choosing to not see my family and friends at home; I want to pursue my own path which takes me away from anyone I knew.

It requires a certain type of person, I must admit. And I suppose I always knew I was that type. Many pilgrims enter arduous globe-trotting, sometimes for years at a time, albeit, all the while with eyes on the return trip, eyes on the fuel gauge.

Have I escaped what I needed to? Have I finally bared my soul? Have I learnt what I wanted? Usually, we take what we get, and move on. We go on, and go back to where we can rest our head in comfort surrounded by family, friends, those who’ve accepted us.

To many, it’s unfathomable to want something different. Indifference is more painful than even hate, at least then there’s an urge, a thing that can be unpicked like a knot. Yet, indifference is recognisable, but when the thing isn’t even that, then these beloved ones face an abyss they’re unable to face.

For example, questions arise when inflicting this particular kind of pain on those you may consider irreplaceable in your heart. If you can leave them, then you do not love them; springs to mind with little meditation.

This paranoia is entirely dispensable and worthy of no one. A single moment can transform velocity and time. No matter the absence or presence of a thing or person, it is self-righteous to believe your being will affect any great change in our disinterested existence.

That is to say, presence does not communicate meaning like wise intention. So much is lain upon near-sighted evocation, and even though many only know this way of living, these few others are content with delivering in the ways they know best.

In the best times, a prescient eye is able to lovingly present salves to their beloved’s everyday.

At the worst, they become unrecognizable and reviled.

It’s up to these other’s conduct.


Strange to be writing something new on here, it’s by accident and embarrassment in most cases, but when something is on your mind, something is on your mind. This record was rediscovered by accident too, making the pairing apt. Released in 2005, the entire record, Outside, Closer, is considered a thing of beauty although that’s hard to commit to seeing as it’s a little haphazard stylistically.

Nice though.

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