Hodge & Peder – ‘All My Love’

You ever felt you’ve run so fast that you lost control? Cycled precariously, and so your core swayed like a small boat on a big wave? Dropped a knife and jumped for the stars?

One day, did you realise how immense nature spread out beneath your feet? Witness something you made grow independently? Emptied by the disinterested eyes of an animal?

Both of these instances are out of our domain, they are reflexes, instinct, an entwined, single product of two hundred thousand years of hunting and breeding. I wish our ancestors could say ‘your welcome’ because I’d love to talk to them. The struggle is so hard against them now.

Lonesome thrill-seekers enter arenas of adrenaline and dopamine, the fuels of fear, hysteria, and ecstasy. Entropy manifest in human form. Random, energy burning with a finality postponed by fleeting escape. They who are lost to the winds fly for as long as the winds blow.

Grounded types embark onto groupthink stations, acting as one and becoming each other in the shape of acceptance. Acceptance of an indeterminate rebellion against our own personal demons. Exhilarating in its own way. We’ll watch the sun set together.

The rejection of our primordial selves resonates through the ages. How ‘civilisation’ has inflicted terminal inner worlds upon us has wrought obvious devastation, resulting in inevitable suicide.


Surrender to your instincts and lose your body to the natural rhythm of the language you speak. Dance to your mother’s walking rhythm as she carried you in her womb. Step in time to your ancestor’s heartbeat.


I’ve been listening to techno for a nearly a year now; its drive, resonance, pace, flight has been engrossing and a sheer pleasure to explore. There’s little unanimity within myself as to what track I should have placed in accompany with a bleak post as this. No irony is lost on me as I post Hodge & Peder‘s 2017 track ‘All My Love’. Enjoy.


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